The starting order for both mornings will be based on your team’s fundraising total as of 5pm the night before the first day of the rally.  

Not to exceed times will exist for each day.  Not completing the course by that time simply means you will not be eligible for the daily 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards.  


Times are based on posted speed limits and will allow for a few minutes at each checkpoint. Please remember this is not a race but a rally. We will not share the times we have set.


Any tickets or moving violations from a Law Enforcement Officer or video evidence of a team excessively speeding or driving in a reckless manner will get you DISQUALIFIED from any awards for the entire event.  A second issue with your team could result in elimination from the entire event.


We expect EVERYONE to be on their best behavior and represent our group and our charity in the best possible manner and to respect the drivers that they are sharing the open roads with.


Both the starting line and finish line will be manned. Finish lines will be manned for one hour after the allotted finishing time.


None of our Checkpoints will be manned. You will be required to snap a date stamped picture of BOTH the driver and navigator for your team at each checkpoint. This is done to prove that you were indeed at the checkpoint. If you miss a checkpoint, choose to skip one, or don't follow the instructions on the clue, you are not disqualified from any awards that day - those points will simply not be added to your total for the day.  Scavenger hunt items will also require a date stamped photo with you or your vehicle.


Each day you will post your total to the Rally for Sunshine

Facebook page and points will be verified for the top 5

finishers to determine the top three winners for the day.


ANY JUDGEMENTS of the organizers are final and not to be

argued. We will hear all sides prior to making a decision. 

Keep in mind it’s all for fun and a great cause!


There will be daily awards (1st, 2nd & 3rd) given for each leg.


Additional OVERALL Rally awards will include:


Spirit of the Rally Award

Best Team Costume Award  

Best Dressed (Decaled) Car





Please be aware of current State of Maine Guidelines for out of state visitors prior to registering.​. Currently the states exempted from quarantine or testing requirements are CT, NH, NJ, NY and VT.